Frontline staff

How to make the greatest difference now.

Chris DiMaso | April 29, 2020

The greatest difference you can make right now is one you can’t see. Since mid-March, the Kansas City metro has been under a stay at home order. We have been sheltering in place with our families. Avoiding stores and minimalizing our public exposure. Many of us have even begun working from home. For the frontline healthcare staff of Villa St. Francis this looks and feels different.

Every day our loving staff comes to work to take care of our residents. They are the definition of essential workers. They are providing hands-on healthcare and working to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. They are taking extra precautions in their personal lives to make sure they stay healthy and safe.

You can make a difference in the life of our staff and ultimately our residents. You can donate right now.

"We could not do what we do without our healthcare staff and they could not do what they do without proper personal protective equipment.

Your gift of $25 will help provide masks, gowns, and cleaning supplies. The disposable nature of these items makes them ideal to prevent disease, but it also means they need to be replaced. We need your help in replenishing these critical supplies. You can also make an in-kind donation of medical-grade surgical masks, gowns, or cleaning wipes. They can be brought to our facility and left outside the front door during business hours. 

Grand gestures from people all over the world celebrating healthcare workers are taking place. Parades and cheering from balconies are highlighted nightly on the news. Yet, the greatest way you can support our staff is by making your gift to help provide them the critical equipment they need. So while you won’t be able to see the effects your donation has, you can be assured of the good you’ve done. On behalf of our frontline healthcare staff; thank you for your donation. Thank you for staying home and flattening the curve. Thank you for your prayers.