We are proud of the work we do, from the 5-star rating we’ve received, to the tenure of our staff, to the success of our therapies and programming. But at the end of the day, it’s the words of residents and families we serve that show us we’re really doing something right.
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“When you’re of a certain age you don’t feel that people care for you, you don’t feel like you have much worth. Well, you feel your worth here.”
“We’re all working with the same mission in mind, and that’s loving and taking  care of the residents like they’re our own.”
“John’s happy he’s well cared for every minute of every day, and that’s what we want here. We find this place a blessing.”
"You could just tell by the staff. The way they introduced themselves, the way they walked around, the way they treated the patients, the way they looked at mom... The way they looked at everything was just totally different."
"My family is not Catholic, yet we have been welcomed with open arms. Dad even attends daily mass. I would recommend Villa St. Francis to anyone.”
"Before our mother arrived, we were asked to fill out a questionnaire about her life events, interests, sleep patterns and food likes & dislikes. This was not mandatory – however I believe the exercise allowed a jumpstart to really get to know our mother.”
“The dedicated care, compassion and respect for human life that our mother now receives shows in her smile. She’s more at peace and loves her new home.”
“You just know when God is present. And God is present here.”
“She loves going to Mass every day. She loves the chapel, She loves the stained glass, she loves everything about the church and what that provides to her. We knew religion was important, but we didn’t realize how important it was on a daily basis to her.”
“My grandmother had severe dementia and lived at Villa St Francis for over 3 years. She received the best care from amazing staff who truly cared about her and filled her days with love and purpose.”
“Give me a name and I will tell you something that they did to love on us. And not just mom and dad, but me too.”
“It’s very evident that they work not merely for a paycheck, but they work for something more than that, and it’s eternal.”
"I can’t believe there would be a facility or a family anywhere that I would put my mom other than the Villa."
“Their commitment to the community, regardless of faith, demonstrates why they're so highly thought of in the KC area.”
“Our blessing, is in having the VSF team with us as they're constantly learning, caring and rallying to do the right thing for her."
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