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Choosing A Nursing Home

You have begun your search choosing a  nursing home for your loved one, and you want to find the best nursing home you can. You probably went to the internet and searched for “nursing homes near me” or “nursing homes compared” to begin your research. However, you are served a bunch of marketing and ads from large for-profit senior care referral services. You will visit several websites and look through images of life at the centers when choosing a nursing home. You want to know that when you are choosing a  nursing home you are comparing the things that matter most.

These are the questions we hear the most, and likely are some of the first things you want to know when you look at nursing homes to compare.

Q. How much does Villa St. Francis cost?

A. This will depend on several factors, but Villa St. Francis Care Center provides long term care, short term rehabilitation, and skilled memory care to those in need, regardless of their financial means. We accept Medicaid and Medicaid Pending. Also, we accept many methods of insurance and private payment. For our short-term rehabilitation patients, we accept Medicare and managed care. We encourage you to speak to our admissions representative to learn how affordable Villa St. Francis can be.

Q. What information will you need either financially or clinically?

A. We will need supporting financial documentation, but that will be different depending on the insurance or method of payment. Clinically we will need a physical, medications, labs, and any specialty reports.

Q. What services do you offer to residents?

A. Villa St. Francis provides physical and occupational therapy, restorative care, housekeeping, dietary, beautician, entertainment, volunteers, pharmacy, transportation, 24-hour nursing (RN), Psychologist, spiritual care (mass daily). Depending on the insurance, transportation may incur an additional cost.

Q. Do you have openings?

A. Yes! Speak to someone today about beginning the process. Click here to email our admissions coordinator. 

Q. Do you have private rooms?

A. Yes! We have both private and semi-private rooms.

Q. Can I take a tour?

A. Absolutely! Call us today to schedule a tour. 913-829-5201. You can also see our beautiful facility on this virtual tour.

Q. What insurance do you accept?

A. Currently, we can accept all insurance except Humana.

Q. What is your policy on visits?

A. Currently, we are not open to visitors due to Covid-19, but we are making accommodations for safe meetings. (Ask us how) Under normal circumstances, we welcome visitors and anytime day or night.

Q. Do you allow residents to make their own decisions?

A. We do! We respect our residents as adults and empower them to live their best life. Advice is given when appropriate and we work closely with the family in resident care planning.

Q. What can we bring? What does Villa St. Francis provide?

A. We want our residents to feel at home. You can bring a recliner, bedding, pictures, sentimental items. We highly recommend bringing a television and phone. Villa St. Francis provides a bed, dresser, table.

Q. Can my loved one keep their doctor?

A. Certainly. Villa St. Francis has a medical director that can attend to the needs of our residents. An independent Doctor needs to agree to CMS guidelines in our building. We can provide transportation, but depending on insurance, this may incur an additional cost.

Q. Can they go out to appointments?

A. Absolutely! The care of our residents is our top priority, so we would want to ensure it would be medically safe.

Q. Do we have to be Catholic?

A. No. While we are a Catholic nursing home, we don’t require any declaration of faith from our residents. We offer Mass every day, and frequently have Bible studies and nondenominational services. Many of our residents take comfort in these activities.

Are you still left with questions? We want to talk to you. Find out why Villa St. Francis is the preferred nursing center in Kansas City. Explore our facility, talk with residents, or meet with our Admissions Coordinator. We are here to answer any questions you may have, so we can help you find the best in senior care. Our staff is kind and willing to help you make the best decision for your loved one, even if that is not Villa St. Francis.

Sponsored by the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, Villa St. Francis Catholic Care Center provides long term care, short term rehabilitation, and skilled memory care to those in need, regardless of their financial means.

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