Bags prepared

Gratitude In Action

Chris DiMaso | May 11, 2020

“No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13

Thank you bag

When you love someone you would do anything for that person. Our frontline healthcare staff loves our residents. They are with them every day. Our staff listens to their stories, shares their hopes, and tends to their needs. The residents at Villa St. Francis are family and our staff loves them. It is that dedication that makes our staff the best.

Protecting our residents from pathogen transmission is always a concern, but now more than ever. Our staff takes care to keep themselves safe both in and out of our facility. They limit their exposure to others and take extreme precautions in their life. They aren’t worried about getting COVID-19 themselves, they are concerned that they could pass it on to the residents. They have made sacrifices because of their love for those they serve.

Their devotion is inspiring and we are honoring that by helping them with food. “These food packages are meant to help our staff, both financially and preventing exposure at the store,” said CEO Rodney Whittington. “We want our employees to know how much we care for them and appreciate their efforts.”

Car delivery

The bags, which appropriately say “thank you”, are filled with staples for a family of four. Each employee will receive bread, cheese, and meat for sandwiches and a side of chips. Cereal, oatmeal, and waffles for breakfast. Each package will also include milk and a selection of condiments to make the meals.

Villa St. Francis will be putting together over 200 packages for staff every two weeks. “Saying thank you just wasn’t enough, we had to put our gratitude in action,” said Rodney Whittington.