Feast of St. Francis

Rodney Whittington | July 18, 2016

To our Catholic Friends,

Every October the church celebrates St. Francis Day. In preparation of honoring our patron saint, we are reminded of our mission and values. Our mission statement: Embracing Christ’s love for all people; we serve those who need care with compassion, excellence, and dignity and our five values of Faith, Integrity, Compassionate Service, Excellence and Respect are derived from the life of St. Francis of Assisi, his good works, and the compassion that he held for the sick.  

Because we are Catholic based and serve with our mission and values at the forefront, Villa St. Francis has become the largest Medicaid provider of all the nursing homes in the state of Kansas; offering long term care, short term rehabilitation and skilled dementia care to our residents. Villa St. Francis, under sponsorship by the Archdiocese for the past 70 years, continues to provide exceptional care to the frail and elderly in Northeast Kansas.  

To celebrate our Patron Saint Francis, we will host our first Feast of St. Francis in early October. At this time, we will be introducing our newest opportunity to support our mission and to make high quality care affordable to all who need it by rolling out the St. Francis Fund. The fund’s intention is to provide room & board assistance to seniors who choose to live at Villa St. Francis.  

The St. Francis Fund is an extraordinary, privately funded, support program for seniors who may have not considered receiving care at Villa St. Francis because of:

  • Not having the resources to be able to pay for care
  • Not qualifying for regular financial assistance
  • Increase in the cost of quality care in nursing homes
  • Fiduciary Abuse
  • Dependents still at home

Villa St. Francis is a place where the Catholic faithful are able to serve the elderly with compassion, excellence and dignity. All seniors and their families are encouraged to explore their options before ruling out Villa St. Francis because of affordability. For details, contact Sarah McEnerney, Director of Engagement, at (913) 747.0269 or smcenerney@villasf.org.

We hope to hear from you.

Warm Regards and God Bless,

Rodney Whittington, Jr. │ CEO