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2022 Activities Budget

This holiday season we need your help to raise $12,000 to support our Life Enrichment department. Our residents like to remain active and engaged, and our fun activities provide that outlet. Your gift will help us reach this important goal. 

One-time Donation

Giving to an activity

Special events are so much fun, and at Villa St. Francis we know how to throw a party. You can make your one-time donation to support a special event or holiday. Birthday parties, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just some of the ways we celebrate.

Your gift will provide the necessary elements for our residents to enjoy these events. 


Monthly donation

Your gift working everyday

Everyday can’t be a party, but we still have fun and stay active. A recurring donation will provide each day for our daily activities. Bingo, snacks, and crafts are just some of the fun things we do daily at Villa St. Francis. 

You can make your monthly donation and know everyday your gift is making a difference. 


"There is always something to do here. They really keep us busy."

What your donation can do



Birthday Party


We celebrate resident's birthdays once a month.

Why it matters

Every birthday is a reason to celebrate



Holiday Party


Major events like Super Bowl and Mother's Day

Why it matters

Residents like to celebrate big occasions



Daily activities like bingo


Your donation is used everyday

Why it matters

Our residents call Villa home 365 days a year

Will you donate?

Our residents appreciate your gift!